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Representation and The Code of Ethics

January 28, 2011

This weekend I got a call on one of my listings and arranged to met at the property. Because it was a call off my advertising, and not someone I knew, Mike went with me to the appointment.

The couple that I met were super cute, just starting out and had no idea that my job as a listing agent is to get them into MY listing. There may be a bigger, cuter, cheaper one down the street but it doesn’t matter. My main allegiance is to my Seller.

Article 1 of the Realtor [not all licensees are Realtors]Code of Ethics states that I am to “protect and promote” my clients’ interests.

That’s why when I have a Buyer come to me that already has a property picked out, I still make them look at property and understand what else is available. I still make them get a property inspection, so they understand the condition of the property. I still read through the CC&Rs and highlight the issues that I think will impact them.

It pisses me off when I run into an agent that sees a client as a big $ sign and just wants to squeeze every penny from them. That’s the real problem with our current economy! Lenders that squeezed clients into properties, never telling them that their payment would jump in month 13. Too many “agents” hustling to make big bucks with no knowledge or interest in taking care of their clients!

When my boy was 2 years old he would come to the side of the bed and beg for chocolate chip ice cream for breakfast. He really really wanted it BUT, I knew that ice cream for breakfast was not good for him. Same thing with a client, you might really, really WANT that house but until your debts are paid down and your job is permanent and you can qualify for the payment, it might not be good for you.

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