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Stupid Kitchen – Who Designed This Anyway??!!

December 29, 2010

First off, let me admit that I am very spoiled. I have a place to live. I see people every day that are in default and are losing their houses. I know. I am lucky to have a place. It’s super great and my sweetie makes me laugh every day. I am super blessed. Ok, now can I bitch just a little?

We just moved into a pretty place with big windows and a granite kitchen. I have a seperate office, it’s beigey beige neutral, there’s a great balcony with a view of the hills. It’s all good – until I started unloading my 82 boxes of kitchen utensils, spring form pans and super duper shishkebob skewers. You know, the kind that are flat so the veggies don’t sag around the middle of the skewer and char on one side?

It was in the middle of unloading my “dodads” when I realized that I have one drawer. One. One drawer. I had to put my silverware in there because it’s just wrong to have my knives floating all over the cabinet. Free. So, now they are occupying my one drawer.

So, where do I put my parmeasan cheese grater? My towels? My tin foil and baggies? Where do I put all the weird little stuff in my junk drawer like tape and screws? How about my potato masher and the kneeder thing for pastry? How about my lemon juicer and garlic press?

What fast food drive through eating man designed my kitchen?

As I was unpacking I found my kitchen aid attachment basket. Did you know that my kitchen aid mixer, the older one with the screw on bowl which is so much better than that stupid hanging bowl thing with the up and down switch, has an attachement to grind meat and grate cheese and even make pasta? Well, I have them all. All the cute little attachements that make my mixer such a great workhorse in the kitchen. So, I keep all these dodads in this big basket that goes beside it in the cabinet.

This got me thinking.

Right now I have some of my baggies beneath the sink, tin foil above the stove – that’s another thing. No exhaust vent. How much smoke can a quarter inch film of carbon really soak up? This stupid fan just blows the smoke all over the house. Last night when Mike got home he walked into the cloud of the kitchen and started coughing. The smoke was so thick that he had to open the back door and sit next to it just to catch his breath. I know that no one cooks anymore but come on. Don’t even put a fan in if it’s not going to work. That just brings expectations that are totally unrealistic. But, back to my story.

I figure I can take the big box of utensils, now sitting on the kitchen counter, and transfer these into cute little baskets that I can then put into the cabinets.

Now, the next issue will be what to do with all the pots, pans, rice cookers, cuisinarts and cooking dishes…..maybe they can go in the closet.

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