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We Learned How To Win The Game As Kids

November 17, 2010

My friends daughter was sitting on the sofa, bored. Her boyfriend was at school and there was no one to play Wii with her. Please! she bleated with a big sad-eyed look. The other day they were all playing a baseball game and it had seemed like fun so, I gave in and sat down.


“What are we playing?” I ask as she hands me a controller.



It’s been a hundred years since I  played Monopoly. I remember it as a board game with yellow and blue money. It seemed to take forever and I was fairly good at it. Mariah kicked up the game and chose “Jungle” monopoly theme. The game is the same, roll the dice, buy properties, improve them and charge crazy rent on them. The goal is to create a Monopoly so when folks are in your side of town then have to stay with you and you can charge them rent.

Mariah knew that she wanted to own property, that she wanted to improve them and that she wanted to collect rent. She took every opportunity to do that and ultimately she won.

Now, Isn’t that what I do at work?

1) I want to own property.

2) I want to improve my properties.

3) I want to collect rent.

As long as I collect rent every month, I make more money than I spend and I “win”.


Evey once in a while I go to jail for a while but even then, my properties are still out there making me money.


Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?

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