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Your tenants are my clients, too!

November 16, 2010
I’ve been doing property management for 20 something years. I first started out with my own properties and slowly added a client here and there – mostly by referral. My degrees are in finance and I can crunch a number with the best of them but I don’t think that’s the skill that’s needed when managing a property. Sure, I want the work done and at a reasonable price but if there is one key I guess it would be to treat everyone like people. Isn’t it the key to life anyway?
Got this email this morning:
You have the nicest people working for you.  I am sure it has to do with your wonderful, giving personality.  I have enjoyed everyone who has come to my door.  Thank you sooo much for taking care of my door, windows and heat.  The door is amazing!  I almost fell in the first time it opened so easily and locking it is a joy!  It has turned cold but I don’t feel the cold like I did through the windows.  I haven’t turned on the heat yet but I’ve been warm and I know they did extensive work on the roof etc.  Anyway, I so appreciate you for helping me out and I am a happy tenant!!  Have fun and Keep Laughing!  Dyan
Which I immediately passed on to my handyman. He’s a great guy and when I tell him how happy my tenants are he just beams 🙂
I’ve had my share of flaky repair guys – like the one that almost burnt down an apartment building when he was careless with an acetelyn torch! Or the guy that didn’t tighten the shower knobs so when my tenant got in the shower and touched the knobs they fell off!!! Nothing worse than being naked, covered in soap and holding the faucet knob in your hand!!
Kinda funny now 🙂
Had a guy ask me the other day why he shouldn’t hire a young stud to manage his properties. My standard answer is “I’ve already made all the mistakes he hasn’t a clue about!!”

I sound like one of those crusty old realtors in the polyester suit and raccoon eyed makeup;”Young man, the year you started pre-school I sold my first apartment building.”

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