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Actual Rental Fraud on Craigslist – Don’t Wire Money Anywhere!

July 31, 2010

I have a home in Campbell that I manage for clients.

It’s vacant so I have an ad on Craigslist offering it for rent and had folks show up today at 1PM.

After the storm of prospective renters stampeded through the house, there was a voice at the door.
“Is the house open for showing”

“Sure, come on in”

I gave her a flyer and she was confused. She thought the rent was 1500 with a 1300 deposit [it’s actually 1795 with 2000 deposit].  She then pulled up the email she got that day.

Here’s the email:

Subject: RE: House
From: Gitte Faber Larsen <>

Thanks for your email response. my home is still available for rent
from now on and the rent include utilities hydro,heat,laundry
facilities, etc..the kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary
cooking utensils, refrigerator-freezer, four-hob and oven, microwave,
dishwasher and washing machine.And I also want you to know that it was
due to my transfer that made me and my husband to leave the home with
an intention of giving it out for rent. we are  looking for a
responsible person that can take very good care of it as we are not
after the money for the rent but want the property to be kept clean all
the time as it is our hard-earned property. If you are honestly
interested and will absolutely maintain my property (Taking care of it
like yours) as i hope we can put my trust and confidence in
you.Presently,We are here in UK doing the Lord’s duty for humanity, for
through our direct service to mankind, the blessings and promises of
God will manifest today. The home vital informative documents and the
entrance keys to my home is with us, we try to look for dependable
agent to handle the rent but could not find one due to the limited time
we had before leaving the country. Mostly we do not want our property
to be given to any sort of person to avoid damages and troubles. I and
my husband came over to UK for a missionary work, So we hope you will
be a good tenant which we’ve been praying to get and the the whole
property cost $1500 and security deposit is also $1300. so below is the

637 Lisa Way, Campbell CA 95008
,i will like you to kindly
drive by or walk by if not too fat from where you presently stay to
know where it’s been located and the nice area.

The girl was shocked when I told her she was being scammed.

I post this so you WON’T believe your good fortune and wire money to some ESL person in Nigeria!!

Tips to fraud:

1) too good to be true

2) wire money to us out of the country

3) poor grammar

4)anonymous email

You’ve been warned! Dont’  do it!

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  1. veera papinoja permalink
    August 16, 2010 2:33 pm

    Hey, I was scammed by this same person about an apartment in Stockholm and now lost my money and have no place to live and moving to Stockholm in 2 weeks.
    I really want this person to get caught somehow and wish to get my money back somehow too.

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