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Real Estate Has Not Been This AFFORDABLE since 1973!

March 24, 2010

I was standing in line at Bank of America – trying to make a payment – when I noticed rates; 4.875% with no points – now I am not condoning Bank of America – I actually hate them – and I am not trying to sell you a loan – just noticing how low rates are.

Then it hit me. We have LOTS of inventory. Sellers are getting smart and learning that they have to price super competetive to get anything sold AND rates are CRAZY LOW! The government tax credit is helping first time buyers get in the market – did you know that 47% of last years sales were to first time buyers – and there are loans available to qualified buyers!!??

If you thought you’d never be able to buy anything because for the last 5 years you were outbid on everything that you looked at – IT”S TIME TO BUY!

*CASH from the government

*Crazy low rates

*Crazy low property values

*Few multiple offers

*Realtors with time on their hands 🙂

According to the latest NAR market report; real estate has NOT been this AFFORDABLE in the last 37 YEARS!

Make it a smart decision. Get a fixed rate loan with a crazy low rate. Make sure that you finally work out a budget and BUDGET the payment. Then call me. I run across awesome deals EVERY DAY!

We are marketing a short sale right now. The buyer purchased at $750,000 just a few years ago. Today’s price?? $575,000. Almost $200K – at 7% that’s $1330/mo difference, almost $16K/year!

Tomorrow I am taking one of my first time buyers to a new home development. Did you know that your Realtor can help you negotiate a great deal with the builder?

The only disencentive right now is the nagging “prices might go down” thing that the media plays to sell paper. If rates tick up, even a little, your “trying to gauge the bottom” strategy goes right out the window. Besides, most folks miss the “bottom” by 90+ days.

Your wait is over. You really can do this!

Let’s talk!

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