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Highland Park homes for Sale – Today’s Stats

January 28, 2010

Highland Park homes quick stats:

There are currently 117 properties on the market from $399,000 to $15,500,000.

Highland Park’s median list price is $2,685,345 with 149 Days on Market.

The median sale price is $1,806,510 with 129 Days on Market.

Of the 117 active listings 0 are foreclosures and 15 are builder owned.

I have two properties I am working with where the owners have hit hard times and we can’t just sell the homes because the market has evaporated. Nothing in the $2.25-3M range is selling so it’s really tough trying to value these gorgeous homes. We’re working with the banks to either modify the loans or do short sales.

Also, I am looking at a couple of the cheaper homes – $400-450K and there may be a pretty good upside to buying a fixer.  The cheap fixer I  am looking at is 8 houses away from a redone home currently on the market in the $750K ballpark. I think I can do some pretty great things for $100K and still have a little room to negotiate!

There is always opportunity in the market!

This is just a glimpse of what’s happening in the market. For more detailed stats on the property you are looking for shoot me an email at

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