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Health Alert: Your home may be making you sick

June 3, 2009

New car smell is toxic – as are many of the building materials in homes.

If your home is new or if you’ve done upgrades, think about testing the interior levels of formaldehyde.

I have one owner that just replaced baseboards and interior doors to “cute up” his house. It looks great but the interior levels of formaldehyde are now above the safe limits – like a WAY above.

The good news is that opening the doors and windows helps to lower the levels significantly. I don’t know how quickly the gas fills the house but, with summer coming and many folks switching over to A/C, this may mean your interior levels could spike sharply.

Also, if your kids have behavioral problems – think about their environment. Kids are more susceptible to black mold, radiation [sometimes found in granite], formaldehyde[injected into wood products], etc.

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