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I LOVE this stuff – How the heck did they do that!!??

April 28, 2009
How do folks come up with this stuff??!! If Ray Tate was smart enough to come up with this fraud, why couldn’t have been smart enough to have made more money doing it??!!

Couple returns home to find someone else living in it – San Jose Mercury News

Couple returns home to find someone else living in it
By Kurtis Alexander, Santa Cruz Sentinel
Posted: 04/26/2009 08:18:49 PM PDT
Updated: 04/26/2009 10:04:31 PM PDT

Two years ago Tom Decker and his wife, Maria McArthur, bought an old home on a wooded lane in the Santa Cruz Mountains they thought held promise of becoming the perfect retirement getaway.

The East Bay couple knew the house, acquired for a modest $50,000, came with its share of problems, like a slipping hillside in the back and other government-required fixes. While Decker says he was prepared to tackle the repairs, the two could not have been ready for what they now say stands between them and their dream home.

A week ago, after many long weekends spent driving from their primary residence in Pleasanton to improve the new property, the couple returned to the Ben Lomond house and discovered someone else had moved into the home.

The cars in the driveway weren’t theirs, their belongings had been stacked in the garage and their keys no longer fit the locks, they said. And worse yet, upon arriving at the property on Hubbard Gulch Road, the couple says, a man emerged from the front door.

“We said, ‘This is our home,’ and he said, ‘This is my home,’ ” Decker said. “We were dumbfounded.”

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