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Mixed Emotions

February 13, 2009


DALLAS (Dallas Morning News) – As part of the largest predatory-lending lawsuit in history, Countrywide will use $8.4 billion to modify mortgage terms for 400,000 borrowers in Texas and ten other states who received unaffordable loans from the lender.

The settlement has reserved $7.5 million for Texas to distribute restitution payments worth $2,300 to help borrowers who already lost their homes or are near foreclosure — 120 days or more delinquent on payments.

About 3,260 Texans are eligible for restitution, according to a spokesman with the Texas Attorney General’s office.

Under the settlement, borrowers could get the $2,300 payment if their first loan payment was due between Jan. 1, 2004, and Dec. 31, 2007, and they made six or fewer payments before losing their home.

For borrowers who can’t afford to refinance their mortgage and have to leave their home through a foreclosure sale, the settlement provides relocation assistance of $2,000 per borrower.

My first impression is that we are a bunch of big irresponsible babies. We can’t drive with coffee in our laps. We can’t take responsibility for our MEGA consumption and ruin of the earth. Now we also can’t be expected to actually read what we’re signing. Who are these people that bought houses that they could only afford for 6 months?

I honestly don’t know the extent of this lawsuit. I haven’t read what the complaint was. I haven’t done any research. All I know is that a few people that overextended without considering the consequences have now made getting a loan so hard that it’s considered a heroic event!

I’m blaming it on all the Jocks in high school. The ones that would do anything to bed a cheerleader 🙂

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