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Real Estate Pain

January 8, 2009
Was I talking about this yesterday??!!

 I said I thought it was the ‘loss of wealth” that made people kill themselves when the markets are off. This morning, as I walked with my dog,Rebel, I realized that that was probably a bit too shallow. Today I am thinking it’s the people we’ve affected, or maybe the uncertainty, that makes life seem too difficult to continue.

I’m not the expert on this, I just notice a pattern. I have done the same thing. I plan things to be a certain way, I do my projections, budgets and everything I can to take the risk out of the equation. My due diligence is meticulous. I move forward and the market changes. Everything falls apart and I think I should have known better. I’ve been through this before.

The way I think about myself now, at the bottom of the crest, is different than when I was at the top.

I like the top better.

I remember the last time the bottom fell out for me. I went from 6 figure mortgage broker to homeless waitress within a year. It took me 4 years to pull out of that one. When I did I had a college degree and an MBA and a husband.

Maybe it’s my experience riding the roller coaster that helps me not jump out. We may be at the bottom now but I remember how to keep my head up and look for the next top.

Some days I am better at this than others.

Today I am saying a prayer for a man that won’t see the next top and for the family that is feeling a horrendous loss.

CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) — One of Chicago’s most well-known real estate moguls appears to have shot himself to death, police said.
Steven Good was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot Monday, police said.

Steven Good was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot Monday, police said.

The body of Steven L. Good was found in his Jaguar on Monday. The car was spotted in a parking lot of a wildlife preserve in Kane County, Illinois, just outside Chicago, authorities said.

No note was found, and police say they do not know how long the 52-year-old had been in the vehicle.

Good was the chairman and chief executive officer of Sheldon Good & Co., a major U.S. real estate auction company.

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