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Another one bites the dust

July 29, 2008

Remember Billy Squier? I was dating a car stereo installer in the 80s. My 1973 Datsun 240z had a stereo so loud that if I left it up full blast for too long, my ears would ring. The 6×9 speakers were mounted in the back and if my baby sister wanted to ride with me she was subjected to the loudest, squirreliest ride of her life. Given that or hanging out in Morgan Hill – she always opted for the ride.

One of my favorite tapes – remember tapes?- was Billy Squire, Emotion in Motion. It sounded great cranking in my tiny car. Like the Billy Squire song, another on bit the dust today.

I have been working on a long and tedious transaction. The listing agent started off lying to us – I am the lender on the deal – then the title company wouldn’t release docs until an extension was executed. My client is in Washington, I am in Campbell, the buyer’s agent is in Duncanville, TX, the title company is in Houston and the Seller is in Redding, CA. Executing a document is a major event. Docs were finally delivered to title and the title company halted the close because there was a non-disclosed HOA. After a few days and no HOA, we re-ordered docs. In the meantime the buyer began working in Hawaii. We scheduled a courtesy sign off in Honolulu and the Buyer no showed. That was yesterday.

Today I was working hard to get a mobile notary to track down the buyer when I got a call from the Buyer’s agent. United Title of Texas closed their doors today.

Looks like I’ll be re-re-drawing docs.

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