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I have a great freelance job for you!

June 28, 2008

I just had a conversation with a client of mine. She’s a first time buyer and she’s afraid of her own shadow. She’s trying to make the best buying decision and save money. I get it. We all want to make great decisions and save money in the process. She’s looking for an agent that needs to be experienced in the market, a top negotiator and super ethical. Her agent needs to place her clients needs before her own, work long and hard for the client and credit the commission on the sale back to the buyer. Hmmmm….

She reminds me of a friend of mine that I thought would never get married. He was looking for a smart career woman that had accomplished a lot – maybe owned her own business – but, wanted to stay home and raise a family. She had to be humble and conservative but be great eye candy on his arm. Lastly, she needed to be blond haired, blue eyed and Assyrian. Those combinations are just never going to work. I believe we all need to get value for our dollar but, you’re never going to get excellent representation for nothing.

Let’s put this back into the Client’s lap. Let’s say I had a great freelance job for you. A deal you couldn’t pass up. After all, you’ll be working with me 🙂 You only need to work twice as hard as you are working now and I am willing to pay you half of your current salary – although there is no guarantee you’ll ever get paid. I may go with another freelancer at the last minute. Would you take that job?

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