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Yes on 98, No on 99

May 12, 2008

Today is my birthday – thank you – and I got a call from an old client first thing this morning. I am thinking, “what a great person to call me on my birthday”. I pick up the phone and hear, “I have a voting question”. Hmm, guess it’s not all about me.

There are two eminent domain issues on the ballot. Both restrict eminent domain but there are a few differences. First, Prop 99 only “protects” owner occupied single family homes while 98 covers all property.

I live in a duplex and rent out the front unit. I own and occupy the place but my SFR neighbor would have more rights than me. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

Second, Prop 98 doesn’t allow “price setting” while 99 does.

Third, Prop 98 protects renters while 99 ignores them.

Property rights are property rights. It shouldn’t matter whether it’s a shopping center or a single family home. Property rights are one of the guiding tenets that make America great.

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