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Master of None?

May 9, 2008

I’ve been doing this crazy real estate thing for 20 years now [am I that old? 🙂 ]
and I remember being told to find my “niche”. The general argument was that you pick one thing and you do it well.

Today I am questioning that philosophy.

My business started off being a loan officer for my friends’ brothers’ company. I was 25 and married and had a 6 year old to take care of and the flexibility was wonderful. I could take care of my high maintenance child and take very good care of my clients.

After 5 years, the brother changed his business model and eliminated my job – so, I went out on my own [I was a broker by then]. My clients followed me and referred me to all their friends and I found I could make it on my own.

Along the way, I became friends with my clients and they felt comfortable enough to come to me when they had financial or real estate questions. The next thing I knew, they were asking me to represent them on their buys and sells. Then they wanted to buy a bar or their business needed more warehouse space or they needed to buy a office building.

Our kids grew up and moved away and we were all looking for cash flow for retirement. So, we started moving our equity into investments that had a monthly return that we could count on. It’s been a joint venture all along the way and it’s made for a wonderful life.

So, perhaps you can say I found my “niche”. I specialize in people. Good people that I take good care of. Good people that I like and that like me right back.

Yesterday I called a client and got the machine. “hey nutball how you doing?, this is Rebekah” when I heard him pick up the line and say “I knew it was you at Nutball”

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