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The Glamorous Landlord Life

March 2, 2008

People think that since I own income property, I live the rich and luxurious life. So, let me just give you a glimpse into this cushy job.

First off, I am a professional, have been doing this more than 20 years, and I ought to know better than to manage my own property.

The first issue is that whenever you see a tenant you think it’s a problem – when normally it’s just a great friendly tenant that wants to say “hi” and catch up.

Second, there is always something that needs fixing.

Third, I hate evicting people.

So, this trip to Dallas was a quick four day jaunt. I had two tenants that were behind and it was an opportunity to touch base with my Dallas contacts.

Thursday I flew in. Met with my handyman about the work done this last month and went to dinner with clients.

Friday, I filed eviction on one tenant and a judgment against another, I broke into the abandoned property, assessed the damages, hauled all his junk out to the garbage can – including melted fudgesicles in the freezer, put out the “for rent” sign, made calls for bids and had dinner with colleagues.

Saturday, I chatted with tenants. Got some bids, shopped materials. Got new keys and a lockbox on the door, collected rents and went to the bank.

Sunday, after church, I checked on a NNN Investment that looks VERY promising, I cleaned my apartment, did the laundry, replaced a key, changed a mailbox lock, got new blinds and a mercury vapor light bulb for the security light and chatted with tenants before I hit the airport.

Sure, I love the weather in Dallas. I went running two out of four days, ate at some great local restaurants, read, worked with clients in San Jose and enjoyed the heck out of my time. I wouldn’t change one bit of my glamorous life.

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