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Trees and The Socialist Republic of San Jose

October 23, 2007

My neighbor has a huge tree in her back yard. It’s a gorgeous tree and she has tried to save it but, the trunk is hollow and is a huge liability because it could fall on her or her neighbors at any time.

Welcome to the land of fruits and nuts. The city of San Jose made her post a sign in the front of the house to “alert” anyone driving by that she was going to cut this unsafe tree down. She’s had this eyesore in her front yard for six weeks. There was a public hearing, in case anyone wanted to dispute the tree removal, and now they are going to be removing the tree.

I am a tree lover. I enjoy their shade and beauty and peacefulness. However, I value a person’s safety over a tree. To me, this latest tree fervor is just craziness and as a property owner it puts me at risk. If something happened and this tree fell on my neighbors 3 year old cutie pie of a daughter, the property owner could be sued. But, if the property owner cuts the tree down without the proper red tape, the city could severely fine the owner.

How do I do the right thing while living in the land of catch 22?

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